Saturday, October 24, 2009

new works

So I am currently working on a new portfolio. I am wanting to show my work in some sort of venue that will have it. Coffee shops, sandwich shops, etc. etc. I am working on improving my style, and blending colors, to make nuances of shades and tones.
I am also trying to frame my stuff, I just got a miter saw box, so I am working on making frames for new pieces, and maybe for some I think are worth showing, not like I am choosing favorites or anything, but some paintings represent where I am more than others.
I love my bubble paintings, they taught me about style and composition with color choice, but I need to improve, so I am trying to incorporate more "skill" and effort into my work. With simple blands I can bring a piece to life, then using my previously acquired method of white line highlighting I make it pop, so to speak. Maybe someone will find this interesting enough to read. I dunno. Thanks.


Monday, September 28, 2009

new shit coming from the woodwork.

working on some new stuff. printing stickers and such.
I have a new blog for photography strictly.

check it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

some new works.

an 11 layer ode to Hank Hill.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The works of Utopia Frederick

On Drunk Driving.

That is the way I feel tonight, at least. It's been another night under the bottle, the influence of heaven is soaking into my stomach. My liver can take it, at least for now. The lights are simply blurs, swirls of color. Nothing more. Nothing less. I see flashing blurs of red, white, and blue. I think of America, I pray it isn't the police. I have to be over the limit. and in this state that is under arrest. At least that is what the blinking signs say on the highway. By this time I am going at least 90 miles per hour. It feels so smooth, just as the whiskey I consumed earlier. Smooth and tasteful. Until tomorrow morning when it all comes back to me, sour spit, straight to the bowl, down the drain, cleaned off the bathroom floor. Bathroom floor is what I am hoping for. I haven't felt so alive in years, or more dead. I drink my weight in sorrows and my mind is cleared of all the wrong in the world. Everything in my bank account, my credit cards, my debt. Everything is nothing. Not when you feel this empty, not when you feel this full, of cheap liquor and bar nuts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Works

SoI have been painting (not too intensely) and I have some work to hang at a coffee shop called Tazza Mia, located in West Chester Cincinnati, I hope yu guys go and check out the actual works instead of going by these lousy digital photos. Let me know what is up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


ok, so this guy was working in a comic book store. and this totally hot cheerleader walks in, a girl cheerleader. and she says "hey do you mind if i get all naked and stuff?" and the guy was like "oh yeah, that sounds pretty swell to me." So she's all naked and stuff and starts to get all hot. so she kisses the guy all over his face and neck and stuff and then feels on his junk. he starts feeling on her big boobs and stuff. she asked him to take off his clothes, so he did. and then they totally did it. yeah.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

who wants this dog?



I have come to the conclusion that art is, indeed, poison.
It is a legal drug that will consume you, eat you alive, and regurgitate you in the form of a worthless, broke, and pathetic being.
You get a taste, thinking you want to make something beautiful, but you will just waste your time, money, and efforts.
If you are knowledgeable in the forms you could work a low paying job in an art store, where people who know what they are doing will ignore you, and those who do not will ask for help. The only answer you can muster up through your grinning teeth is that you shouldn't even bother fiddling with that garbage.
You will find yourself spending hundreds of dollars a year on supplies, in hopes that your dreams will one day come to fruition, but only end up miserable and poor. With a recession at hand art is the first to go. No one wants a picture hanging in their home, and even if they do they can probably find what they're looking for in a local superstore such as Wal-Mart, or Meijer.
So please, do not waste your time and emotion doing something that will not pay for itself.

Or do whatever you want, chances are I don't care what you do, just as much as you probably don't care what I'm saying.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

American History X

So I recently watched American History X, which I am sure many of my readers have seen. Although I know it is probably one of the best films the 90's has to offer, in my opinion, it does seen a little corny, the way the brothers interact, but I suppose there will be that sense of corniness when your big brother has been in prison for 3 years. I also know that after seeing your own life get pretty messed up because of hate and intolerance and seeing your younger sibling look up to you and hold you in such high regard and watching his life go down the drain because of it. I personally loved the movie, although after it I felt a strong feeling of melancholy, and somberness. A feeling that I should watch my back for people I have wronged. I know not everyone will walk away from this flick with similar feelings, but I can't help but strongly urge others to watch it and try to feel some sort of sympathy for those they have shown hate and intolerance toward.
I know I say it pretty often, but I am NOT in any sense of the word a racist. I am pretty tolerant of others and I ask the same from people. I just think that assholes are assholes; white, black, yellow, red, blue or purple. You act in a way that causes others to be intolerable of your actions then you brought that upon yourself. Not your brothers and sisters. I know Hitler sucked, but why should we persecute say, his brother or sister? What did they do? I know I am not quite aware of all the facts, but I am pretty sure they weren't the ones teaching the ways of Nazism, or superior races. I could be wrong, but I don't think that having the name of a terrorist necessarily makes one a terrorist themselves. IT IS YOUR ACTIONS THAT BRING YOU THAT TITLE! I am tired of hating, it is nothing but baggage, just at American History X so eloquently pointed out.
So, in retrospect, I have hated too much for my liking. Peggy Hill, for instance, she annoys the shizzle out of me at times, but I love King of the Hill. I am not going to hate a show just because of her or her actions. Not that that has anything of relative importance to the point I am trying to make, and not like I am going to "reach" anyone, given I only have 3 subscribers, but I think this is something people should take in and think about. If you have anyone close to you that is a "hater" or an extremist of the hatred to a Nazi's caliber, or even if they just talk a lot of shit. Does that make YOU a jerk? NO! It most certainly does not. So I am saying live for you, not to impress anyone. Don't live in the shadow of someone, you dig? I could be talking out of my ass, but who cares. I just think people should be happy they are breathing and living. You don't like someone, then get over it. tolerate their shit, and don't stoop to their level of annoyance.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

oh yeah, another one.


ok ok SOOOO many options. who's stoked?

So at the moment I am digging black on basic white, pretty standard, and yet I hate printing black on white. Black ink just annoys me and makes me REALLY paranoid. It is like grease, a greasy abyss that decides to randomly ascend from the beyond and suffocate all that comes in its path. AKA, the shit gets everywhere. I personally don't like white tee shirts, but I figure I don't actually have any that I wear as actual shirts.
And of course I can't forget my dear business partner, I know how he loves those negatives. I am open to printing on any color shirt I can get on short notice. The prints would probably all do really well as black on red shirts.
Haha, now now I know if anyone read my comments they would notice that there was a proposal opened up to work on previously dreamed ideas, well as I have deviated I know, I can never help myself from working on a design.
I hope you all enjoy and purchase shirts. Only thing that sucks is that I print on a one-off basis, meaning, I print usually one shirt at a time, SO that means a couple things. I could easily change ink colors in accordance of the shirt color, and it is a major pain in the ass setting up shop only to print one shirt.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

and don't you forget it.

kill yourself slowly, by means of digital manipulation.

notice the difference? Which is preferable?

We live. We heal. We are the voice in the back of your head that says don't, but you do anyway, dumbass.

OK, so Blink 182, as many of you may or may not know, got me into punk rock music, not that they were the eitome of punk rock music, but they introduced me to such bands as NOFX, Less Than Jake, MXPX, etc. etc.

Anywho, I saw that they were on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night and as the videos loaded on Youtube I read some comments, mainly dissing Tom Delonge's voice. I was enjoying the video but then realized exactly what they were talking about. IF you choose to watch the video above (one of the songs that got me through a LOT of heartache and such) notice the ego on Tom. He went from being this silly, funny character to this egotistical, arrogant dude. He is in his Angels and Airwaves mode I suppose, but it was annoying seeing him have changed SO much. I also have watched several videos on what happened to Blink 182. Mark informed the world that toward the end Tom was talking to them through his manager. It just ain't right. I would love to have the opportunity to see them on this reunion tour, BUT the pit seats are $215.50, Kevin ain't made of that kinda dough people. I would be all about seeing them from the pavillion but I just have this thing about sitting down at a punk rock show. And the lawn, well, fuck the lawn.

I suppose I should have put this little tidbit of information at the beginning, but notice the hair swoop at 2:26, it just shows a certain arrogance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feel the metal.

Haha after a brief, yet oh too long, hiatus, I have been working on more designs. I want some comments and hopefully purchases...please. Yeah, so let me know what you think.


Hey all, Tortoise Healer is NOT dead. What started out as a stupid joke in my basement has now brought on many design oriented ...uh... designs. SO if you would like a shirt PLEASE get in contact!!! This is the latest design, straight up. Let me know what you think. Remember, shirts are just $10 so that's pretty cheap.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

So, I just got my new fisheye and I am pretty stoked. UNFORTUNATELY I have nothing to photograph other than myself. I want to shoot skaters and bmx-ers, but I have limited access to them as none of my friends do tricks big enough to capture, that or we just suck or are just getting into it. I should just go to a park but I am a shy guy at heart, so i dont know. I guess I will see where it goes from here.
It just sucks having nothing to shoot that interests me right now. It's like I could do another collection of self portraits, but I only make about 5 different facial expressions and alternate them between different color backgrounds, who knows? Any way, to see some of my photos check out:



Thursday, May 21, 2009

records, just for the record.

As I have previously stated in my profile, I am a new found fan of colored vinyl. I also love music, and black vinyl, SO I decided to catalog a selection of my vinyl collection. I decided to choose a variety of music, ranging from The Ting Tings, to The Carrier. I will also be reviewing them. So let me know what you think or thought of the record.

Trap Them, Such a good introduction the the band, after seeing them at a local show I had to check them out, they definitely had my support. Crunchy vocals, and super heavy guitar riffs.
Against Me! I obtained this EP from my dear friend, after already owning the CD and their discography I was a fan. Not getting into the politics of them or their evolution as a band, I was pleased with this record. It had "Thrash Unreal" and "You must be Willing" recorded, both songs were entertaining, as an avid Against Me! fan.
Inert Funny story behind this album. I was surfing the RevHQ site (highly recommended) and I saw this 7" I bought it purely based on cover art. It is old school hardcore based, and overall it was a good listen. Being an artist I know that good cover art is epic in some cases, John Dyer Baizley, ahem ahem...
The Carrier "No Love Can Save Me" this record was really nice, although at first, listening to it was really difficult, due to my having the player on the wrong speed. I knew it was not what I had heard in the car ride when I was introduced to them.
Jason Mraz OK OK I know what most of you are probably thinking, but i enjoy his sound. It is corny as can be, but hey, the guy is damn uplifting. The "I'm Yours" single is on e of my funniest yet most memorable buys. When I was handed it by my record mentor I was like "Awe, you remembered" and all that weird semi-gay stuff, but I actually enjoy the song.
Fake Problems I got this record at their show at the Southgate House with Murder by Death. The guys were really cool, they were still humble enough to actually talk to me. The songs are all titled after Blink 182 songs (as some of you may already know, I grew up on Blink 182) so I naturally appreciated it. White vinyl only made the purchase that much sweeter.

MXPX Long time fan, saw this at the record store, bought it, mostly to relive some memories.
Bright Eyes Hey, I'm a softie, it was decent.
Trap Them/Extreme Noise Terror Not gonna lie, had I known this was a one-song-per-band split I probably wouldn't have spent my $5.00 on it. If it weren't for the damn beautiful black and white vinyl it was pressed on, I might be a bitter man.Kylesa Nice and heavy, like a sunny afternoon with a storm rolling in over the horizon, second track, intrumental. Decent buy.
Bullet Treatment/It's Casual While browsing the 7"s at the record store I was handed this, the guy said "Freebies." Naturally, being the poor man that I am I could not refuse FREE VINYL. It's a nice little harder punk ditty. Would I recommend this? Sure, if you were in the mood for a short lived mosh sesh with some friends.

12"Black Tusk I saw these guys a while back. The album is good, yelling vocals and shredding riffs, keeping it sludgey as hell.Commissioning John Dyer Baizley to do the album art was a wise decision as well.
Journey Greatest Hits, says it all right there.
The Ting Tings Whol among us doesn't just want to put on a record and dance every once in a while? I know I would be a liar if I denied it. Fun, dancey, and poppy tunes from the U.K.
None More Black Another good old punk record from Fat. Wouldn't necessarily recommend it unless you had the money to burn.Big D and the Kid's Table/Brain Failure One of my favorite records I own. Big D serves up a heaping dish of rude boy ska, and, while I was a bit apprehensive at first about them, Brain failure was really well recieved by meself. Rancid/Joe Strummer similarities show through with the vocals, nice punk rock from China.
Refused Probably the best record I own. Buy it. Listen. Cherish. Repeat.
The All American Rejects I know they aren't what they used to be, but this IS what they used to be. A nice little band with high frequency drum machine sounding drums and a guy that looks like the main character from Smallville. I liked it.
Alkaline Trio Found this on Ebay, bought it, knowing what I was in for, which was a good time.
Trap Them This album IS sludge, it is filth, it is static that finds it's way through the television and enters your brain through your ears. A pile of feces and endtrails is all that will remain after you blare this through your speakers. It is beautiful. Not many bands can decipher a sound by the album graphics. This band succeeds in doing so. With a heaping dose of static and texture defining the cover and packaging the album is topped off with the glory that is clear vinyl, not solidly clear, but with a speck of black here and there, proving that nothing is as devine as we once assumed. You should probably own this album, and be proud of it.

Well, if you are still reading and haven't found your "favorite band" or the guys that friended you on Myspace letting you know that they are up and coming, I thank you. Thank you for reading the blog. I really appreciate it. Let me know if there are any Bands or artists you want me to check out. Including youself. I am ALWAYS up for new music, be it a new song, band, or even genre. Hit me up. Thank you.


youth of today.

Yo! Just took on a pretty big print job, 500 stickers to the company I design decks for, let's hope all goes well. I'm pretty stoked.
I recently ventured to Delhi skatepark, where the kids were cool, and pulled off good tricks. I also took the trek to the infamous Baker Bowl. Where, if I were a better skater, it would have been worth the long, lonely trip. the kids there were just sitting around for the most part, drinking 40's of Milwaukee's Best, AKA, the nation's worst.
So as my good friend Ryan put it, this only proves that the closer to the city you get, the better the skaters are produced. THOUGH I know of a sponsored skater from the boonies of Kentucky. This only negates my previous assumption. So I would like to know what you think. Is it being closer to an urban environment, or is it just the will to want to actually succeed in the sport?
The thing that bums me out is that the sport has been somewhat corrupted by the use of alcohol and drugs. In so many videos I have seen there are skaters drunk off their asses. I mean I have looked up to some of these guys for years as a skateboarder, the Piss Drunks, namely. But I mean why is it that you have to be drunk to be cool or bad ass?
When I go to a park and see kids merely sitting around drinking, not pulling off any tricks i am deterred by that whole park, or even city. Is this the best you have to offer? I brought my camera in hopes to shoot something sweet, some good tricks, getting my photographic practice in. But no. I always hated that whole "yo I'm a bad ass, I drink and smoke, and can do a kickflip" attitude. If you are only going to do these things then why bring it to a park? It is these exact actions that give skateboarding a negative connotation. I try not to be a negative person, but it just really bums me out to see these young kids looking up to alcoholics as idols. I would like to know everyone's stance on this. Are we headed to another world of alcoholic heroes, similar to that of the status of 80's rock stars though, skateboarding IS mainstream, it is not as much as rock and roll.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remembering the past.

Remember Midtown? Well, I certainly do. When I was about 14 or 15 I was REALLY into Blink 182. I don't regret it at all either. They got me into bands that got me into other bands. I would read or watch their interviews and find out what they were into. Such bands as NOFX, MXPX, Fenix TX, New Found Glory, Midtown, and Sum 41. I know it is total pop-punk bullshit now, with the exception of a few aforementioned bands. I also am quite aware that several of those bands are still touring and recording, some of their sounds have changed (evolved).
I get so tired of hearing that a band "sold out." Music is an ongoing evolutionary process. When I was younger I had never heard of a breakdown. I didn't know anything about hardcore. Of course the So-Cal punk scene was more about making fun poppy punk tunes.
When I heard NOFX's "Wolves in Wolves Clothing" I thought it was just another NOFX album, nothing special. Not to pick on one of the longest running punk acts, but I think eventually a band needs to change their sound or it is all just complacent noise.
Take Midtown, for instance, total fun pop-punk. When they broke up (I don't know when) the lead singer/bassist formed a band many kids are now familiar with, Cobra Starship. I don't know where I missed the buss, but I guess I grew out of that sound, as evolution goes. I dont really know where any of this is going, but I think it is funny that when I was 15 I was into them, and now 15 year olds are still into the music he is making. It's whatever.
So in retrospect, I think I lived a good musical life that is still growing. I went through so many phases, bands, and forms. It all adds up to a crazy long list of tops fav's on the music list.
MY evolution went something as follows:

Metal>NuMetal>Pop Punk>Emo Punk>Hardcore>Early Punk>Early Hardcore>Metal>Sludge>Power Violence.

Now thanks to that strange evolution, I have SO many bands and artists I admire. So I suggest you look back at yourself and your own musical evolution and see how you got to where you are now a'days.

That's right folks, it's that season again, the beautiful summer weather is upon us, as well as the fruit of the gods. The ambrosia of the almighty. The Arnold Palmer tea is out and about. While it has been brought to my attention just this past week, I can only find cans available in LITE form. I don't know if it is the only ones they are releasing but I highly enjoy it.

I got into the Arnold Palmer scene a couple months back, but since then it has been my nectar of choice at any restaurant. I recommend this tastey beverage for anyone that enjoys a low calorie alternative to soda, or plain tea or even citrus/lemon tea. I am giving this a double thumbs up.

I found 25 fl. oz. cans at the Jungle (Jungle Jim's) for only .89 cents a can, so naturally I bought a case.