Thursday, July 2, 2009

American History X

So I recently watched American History X, which I am sure many of my readers have seen. Although I know it is probably one of the best films the 90's has to offer, in my opinion, it does seen a little corny, the way the brothers interact, but I suppose there will be that sense of corniness when your big brother has been in prison for 3 years. I also know that after seeing your own life get pretty messed up because of hate and intolerance and seeing your younger sibling look up to you and hold you in such high regard and watching his life go down the drain because of it. I personally loved the movie, although after it I felt a strong feeling of melancholy, and somberness. A feeling that I should watch my back for people I have wronged. I know not everyone will walk away from this flick with similar feelings, but I can't help but strongly urge others to watch it and try to feel some sort of sympathy for those they have shown hate and intolerance toward.
I know I say it pretty often, but I am NOT in any sense of the word a racist. I am pretty tolerant of others and I ask the same from people. I just think that assholes are assholes; white, black, yellow, red, blue or purple. You act in a way that causes others to be intolerable of your actions then you brought that upon yourself. Not your brothers and sisters. I know Hitler sucked, but why should we persecute say, his brother or sister? What did they do? I know I am not quite aware of all the facts, but I am pretty sure they weren't the ones teaching the ways of Nazism, or superior races. I could be wrong, but I don't think that having the name of a terrorist necessarily makes one a terrorist themselves. IT IS YOUR ACTIONS THAT BRING YOU THAT TITLE! I am tired of hating, it is nothing but baggage, just at American History X so eloquently pointed out.
So, in retrospect, I have hated too much for my liking. Peggy Hill, for instance, she annoys the shizzle out of me at times, but I love King of the Hill. I am not going to hate a show just because of her or her actions. Not that that has anything of relative importance to the point I am trying to make, and not like I am going to "reach" anyone, given I only have 3 subscribers, but I think this is something people should take in and think about. If you have anyone close to you that is a "hater" or an extremist of the hatred to a Nazi's caliber, or even if they just talk a lot of shit. Does that make YOU a jerk? NO! It most certainly does not. So I am saying live for you, not to impress anyone. Don't live in the shadow of someone, you dig? I could be talking out of my ass, but who cares. I just think people should be happy they are breathing and living. You don't like someone, then get over it. tolerate their shit, and don't stoop to their level of annoyance.