Saturday, October 24, 2009

new works

So I am currently working on a new portfolio. I am wanting to show my work in some sort of venue that will have it. Coffee shops, sandwich shops, etc. etc. I am working on improving my style, and blending colors, to make nuances of shades and tones.
I am also trying to frame my stuff, I just got a miter saw box, so I am working on making frames for new pieces, and maybe for some I think are worth showing, not like I am choosing favorites or anything, but some paintings represent where I am more than others.
I love my bubble paintings, they taught me about style and composition with color choice, but I need to improve, so I am trying to incorporate more "skill" and effort into my work. With simple blands I can bring a piece to life, then using my previously acquired method of white line highlighting I make it pop, so to speak. Maybe someone will find this interesting enough to read. I dunno. Thanks.